Mary Roberts
Executive Director of Sierra Regency/COO

Throughout my 16-year career in Independent Senior Living, I have discovered the greatest passion and compassion for our country’s richest history. It is such a pleasure to be surrounded by individuals who show such a zest for life and who live each moment to the fullest.

It is our desire at Sierra Regency to be inspirational and dedicated to each of our residents and encourage them to live life to the fullest. We pride ourselves on excellent services and our compassionate team members.

I see firsthand how quickly our new residents realize that our community’s environment allows them to feel at ease and gives them the ability to thrive. It is an exciting time when our residents start meeting new friends, building new relationships, discovering new hobbies, and attending new social functions that they didn’t realize they would enjoy.

It is so fulfilling to know that every day I have the opportunity to touch someone’s life. There is nothing better than being in an environment where I am surrounded by our amazing residents and dedicated team members. You can feel it in the air from the minute you walk into our community, it feels like home.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to touch those lives that need us the most. We will continue to do our best and create environments that allow our residents to live life to the fullest.