You might hear “independent living” and think, “I’m not dumb. That’s just a code for ‘nursing home.’ You’re not fooling me!”

Let’s be clear. Nursing homes are nursing homes. They’re quite similar to hospital setups, with shared open rooms, central nurses’ stations, and a focus on medical plans and treatments.

That is NOT what independent living communities are all about. Think of it this way: nursing homes preserve life, while independent living retirement communities like Sierra Regency preserve living.

Living the Way You Want

Independent living communities generally offer many ways to keep your life going just as it was before:

  • You live in your own private space and make use of shared facilities if you wish
  • There’s ample opportunity to pursue your favorite hobbies and interests
  • Most folks you see are wearing their own clothes, not hospital gowns
  • Staff provide opportunities for active socializing for those who are interested

In general, independent living is about living first, and assistance second.

Help is Available When You Want

Of course, if you do need help, it’s always right at hand. In fact, at an independent living retirement community, you can skip a lot of mundane chores if you choose. Your suite may come with housekeeping services, and optional meal plans may also mean you never have to cook or wash another dish if you don’t want to. Then again, if cooking is your passion, you can keep right on cooking in your own in-unit kitchen, where available.

When it comes to other things, there’s generally caring, helpful staff available – driving you to doctor appointments, helping in the computer lounge, or simply changing a light bulb.

The help you need is never too far away. As one of our retirement living residents said, “It’s like a cruise ship on land!”

Medical Care

We know that getting older isn’t always easy on the body or mind, but medical care isn’t the heart of the independent living Sacramento experience. Instead, we look at wellness as a way to live better. You can still use your normal doctors and attend appointments in their offices, but there aren’t nurses on staff at Sierra. If something “goes bump in the night,” however, you won’t be alone. Other staff can help you get the care you need.

This is in contrast to an assisted living or nursing facility, where nurses are on staff 24/7 for any issues that might arise, day or night. The assisted living setup is more appropriate for those who are no longer fully able to go through daily tasks on their own. For a lot of people in those situations, knowing that medical care is right down the hall provides peace of mind. If something comes up, they won’t have to zip off to the emergency room. They can receive primary care onsite. They’ll also get help with medications and other treatments.


Security is a top priority when living at a retirement community. Only authorized residents, staff, contractors, and your guests can enter our community. This provides the perfect mix of socializing and assistance when you want it, and privacy when you need it. In general, living in a community setting is more secure than living alone, and many of our residents take great comfort in knowing that general help is only a few steps away.

Having Fun

Today’s retirement living is all about maximizing enjoyment and quality of life! There are games, weekly happy hours, entertainment events, a big-screen theater, sports, water aerobics classes in our heated pool, and lots more. If you love to stay active, a retirement community like Sierra can give you all the fun you can handle.

For those who prefer a quieter pace, however, our community features a library, gardens, peaceful courtyards, a chapel, and contemplative walking paths. Whatever your “speed” is, you can maintain it as you transition into independent living.

Feeling low energy? Want to spend the day in your room and take your meals in? No problem.

Want to work out in the morning, shop in the afternoon, and have a drink or two in the evening? Go for it!

Retirement living is living your way.

Going Out

You don’t have to stay here! The world is still your oyster. We coordinate trips to shopping outlets, plays, museums, and concerts. We also offer chances to come along for simple country drives.

Of course, if you’ve still got your license, you don’t need to wait on a coordinated outing, you can just keep your own car onsite. That might be the most key feature of independent living Sacramento – you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. You come and go as you please. This means that vacations, traveling to see family, and day trips to any location you like are all possible and encouraged.

Along with this theme – you can have overnight guests, you can drink alcohol, and you can generally maintain whatever life you’re accustomed to (subject to the same courtesies you would show your neighbors in any other apartment or condo setting).

Getting Pampered

Retirement communities have available onsite hair and nail care, and at Sierra, we also have massage services. You might find that your new home is quite the upgrade from your old one!

A Note on Freedom

Independent living Sacramento combines the benefits of living on your own with the advantages of community living.

There’s no more home or yard maintenance to deal with – no climbing under a sink to deal with a leak, no gutters to clean, and no drywall to repair.

Food preparation and meal cleanup are no longer your jobs. You’ve got a high-quality team of chefs and food service personnel to handle breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You also don’t have to travel for a lot of things that are now available in your new surroundings – including exercise, haircuts, movies, and playing bridge with friends. This can also help eliminate the loneliness that sometimes comes with aging.

In short, you’ll have the freedom you need to live how you want.

That’s independent living.